Pool Is Open!

At 12:30 pm today Jim met with Ron Miller and Darin Sage, reviewed Darin’s concerns, all concerns addressed and have been met.  Questions of ownership of pool addressed, owned by HOA any correspondence will be addressed to Neighborhood Services, when Darin has any questions concerning pool safety/operations he will call Ron Miller directly so concerns can be addressed more quickly.  Ron understands it is part of his contractual agreement to maintain pool, keeping it up to code and operational.  At any time the pool needs to be closed a sign will be posted and doors secured for limited access. For now the pool has/is and will be in compliance, will be closed and winterized after Labor Day weekend. All contracts concerning HOA that coming up for renewal will be reviewed by HOA.

Also, the pool will be closed for the season after Labor day weekend.


Car Theft in Bella Terra

Check out the article below by the Guthrie News Page detailing an arrest of two juveniles who attempted to steal a vehicle near or in Bella Terra.  The car was left intentionally as bait for someone to steal for a reality TV show called Bait Car.  Two individuals took the bait and are also believed to be responsible for other recent burglaries.

Please keep everything locked up and be on the look out  for suspicious activity in the neighborhood.  Eventually, we may want to start a Neighborhood Watch program to help prevent unwanted activities within our neighborhood.  One thing all of us can do each night to shed some light throughout the neighborhood is turn on all of your exterior lights.  This makes it easier for each of us to keep on eye on things and harder for burglars to hide in the shadows.


Turn on the Lights!

Our neighborhood gets very dark after sunset which can be a little scary for anyone walking around at night.  Let’s all try to turn on our exterior lights at night to help make our neighborhood safer and deter unwanted robbers.

Many homes have programmable light switches that can automatically turn your lights on and off at programmed times of the day.  Some switches will even use the program to turn on the lights at slightly different times for a more random effect.  You can swap out your existing manual switch with one of these and never have to worry about it again!