Pool Status

Pool company came out and put some chemicals to clear up the “cloudiness.”  They said it should be ready to go tomorrow (Sunday the 1st).  Also, if you haven’t been down this year, you’ll notice a new door lock to the immediate left of the front door.  The old lock on the door no longer works so you should not need to do anything with it.  You’ll enter the same code that was used last year to open the door.  To exit the clubhouse, you’ll need to push the “Exit” button on the wall and open the door at the same time.  The door will lock automatically once it closes.  The door to the pool has the same lock as last year which you’ll need to make sure is locked if you’re the last person at the pool.



Pool Is Open!

At 12:30 pm today Jim met with Ron Miller and Darin Sage, reviewed Darin’s concerns, all concerns addressed and have been met.  Questions of ownership of pool addressed, owned by HOA any correspondence will be addressed to Neighborhood Services, when Darin has any questions concerning pool safety/operations he will call Ron Miller directly so concerns can be addressed more quickly.  Ron understands it is part of his contractual agreement to maintain pool, keeping it up to code and operational.  At any time the pool needs to be closed a sign will be posted and doors secured for limited access. For now the pool has/is and will be in compliance, will be closed and winterized after Labor Day weekend. All contracts concerning HOA that coming up for renewal will be reviewed by HOA.

Also, the pool will be closed for the season after Labor day weekend.

Bella Terra Cleanup Day is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the first neighborhood cleanup day.  We’d love to see as many people as possible stop by to help with the work below.  We’ll be working from 8AM to 1PM, but even if you only an hour to spare, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s what we would like to get done tomorrow:

  • Weed and mulch flower beds at club house.
  • Stain club house shutters and door.
  • Cut down three willow trees around pool.  They are ruining our pool and decking.
  • Clean up gravel and rocks from club house parking lot.
  • Pull weeds and plant shrubs at both entrances.
  • Remove dead shrubs, limbs, and trees from entrances.
  • Clean fountains at entrances.
  • Rake mulch around the playground area to re-establish areas under the swings.
  • Make curtain frames for club house windows.
  • Make cover for utility access in ground outside southern pool fence.

It’s going to look great once we’re finished.  We hope to see you there!

Pool Closing September 4th

The pool will be closing for the season on September 4th — The pool will close the Day after Labor Day per our contract with our pool maintenance company.

It is simply not cost-effective to keep it open for the month of September at $250.00 each week.

Hardly anyone uses the pool right now since the children have gone back to school and we can most definitely find better ways to spend that $1,000 within the neighborhood.

You are more than welcome to use the clubhouse and the sitting area around the pool but it will be closed for swimming the day after Labor Day.

Thank You!!