Pool Temporarily Closed

The pool is temporarily closed until Chlorine Levels can be corrected. Stay tuned for when it’s reopened.


Septic System Seminar

Looks like we have enough interest in the neighborhood to have someone from Red Dirt talk to us.  Please respond as soon as possible.

Please select all days during the week of September 24-28th that you are available to meet.  We’ll try to schedule a date to meet based on the best availability.

Please select all the times that you are available as well.


Pool Closing September 4th

The pool will be closing for the season on September 4th — The pool will close the Day after Labor Day per our contract with our pool maintenance company.

It is simply not cost-effective to keep it open for the month of September at $250.00 each week.

Hardly anyone uses the pool right now since the children have gone back to school and we can most definitely find better ways to spend that $1,000 within the neighborhood.

You are more than welcome to use the clubhouse and the sitting area around the pool but it will be closed for swimming the day after Labor Day.

Thank You!!

Tippi Toes Dance Open House

Tippi Toes Dance is coming to Bella Terra! We hope that many of you will show up to the Open House

 Tippi Toes is a dance company for children ages 18 months – 10 years that promotes self-confidence and healthy habits! We love to dance, use our imagination, and boogie!

 Come to our Open House on Thursday, August 9th to try class and learn more about Tippi Toes!

Open House Schedule

6-6:30 Baby Ballet

6:30-7 Ballet, Tap, & Jazz


Questions can be directed to Tracy at 405-361-3620 or tracy@tippitoesdance.com

 Tracy Genheimer


Tippi Toes Dance – Oklahoma City/Edmond