Architectural Design Review

I’ve posted a link to Bella Terra Architectural Design Review Form on the Laws & Restrictions page.  This form must be used to submit for approval to the Bella Terra Design Review Committee for all improvements or alterations to your property.  Examples include fences, outbuildings, mailboxes, walls, home additions, roof construction, etc.  Please refer to Section  8 of the property restrictions for more information.

The purpose of the committee approval is to keep our neighborhood looking beautiful by maintaining an aesthetic standard for all properties.  This not only protects homeowners, but also ensures that our neighborhood maintains high property values.

Also, it’s worth mentioning this is not a new requirement. This has been part of the original covenants and restrictions for the neighborhood.  The developer has served as the committee in the past, but this responsibility has now transitioned to the liaison committee.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!