Neighborhood Update

Good Morning,

The Liaison committee had a meeting on Monday night at the clubhouse and we wanted to provide an update for you.


All Bella Terra roads that have torn up sections will be patched up on August 18th and August 19th. That is the soonest it could be done and we needed to do something because they have become safety hazards for everyone coming and going. This is the fastest and best solution we could find until all construction has been finalized. We will send out a notification as we get closer to the date because the road work will create a traffic pattern adjustment for those days.

We are working with the developer to determine the best solution for long term road repairs. We don’t want to rush into anything until construction gets close to completion but we feel as though these short term road patches will get us through the remainder of the build out.


The fountains seem to be working well and we have scheduled a neighborhood work morning for this upcoming Saturday July 20th from 8-11 AM. See below for more details (not a lot needs to be done at this point in time but we would like to address some items that are not included in contracts.)

— We are not going to replace any of the trees that were pulled out at our last cleanup day until the cooler weather arrives.

Homeowner Dues

Neighborhoods Plus will be handling the late payments.

Please contact Neighborhoods Plus if you have questions and they will be happy to assist you– 405.348.1436 and their website is

Clubhouse Items

Leigh Ann Errico and Brian Wilson built window treatments to help with the acoustics in the clubhouse and they are beautiful!! The echo is still there but not nearly as bad as it was–if you have any thoughts on an inexpensive solution to help tone down the acoustics even more, let us know.  Thanks Leigh Ann and Brian –Awesome Job!!

A new magnetic locking system is almost completed and has been placed on the clubhouse door. (we are waiting for a new keypad to come) This will be a self-locking door and the code will be the same through the end of the summer- 6464. We will change the code when the swimming pool closes and will update you when that happens. As soon as the new keypad arrives and has been installed, we will let you know.

We would like to have a a few shady Pergola areas towards the east end of the pool next year and are researching pre-fab options, as well as building it out ourselves, so look forward to that next summer.

Please continue to let us know when something needs our attention down at the pool- sometimes these matters are attention sensitive and we have had very quick feedback from you and that has helped out a lot, so keep the communication coming. Facebook posts are the fastest way of communicating, so make sure you are signed up to send and receive notifications.

Bella Terra Facebook Page

 Architectural and Landscape Plans

Please continue to make sure that you are submitting architectural plans to the committee members to ensure that you are following code and the CCR’s for the neighborhood. You must send a committee member this form once it has been completed and signed by you. We would like to see some type of drawing or plans along with the form. You must get approval before you begin your project to save you money and potential headaches.

Architectural Design Form

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Website and Facebook page because there is a lot of helpful information on both of them. Please click follow on the home page of the Bella Terra Website so that you will receive email updates directly in your email in box.

Bella Terra Website    

If you are having any issues, complaints or suggestions, we encourage you to reach out to to the website–we now have a tab under the homeowners section that will allow you to leave comments and ask questions. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page to help answer your questions, so please refer to that tab under the Homeowner section as well if you are a new homeowner. Send us an email to get the code to get into any of the password protected pages like the Homeowners section .

We continue to have speeding issues in the Neighborhood down Bella Terra Way and Tera Vita, so please slow down before someone gets injured or even worse! I have seen mailboxes and cars get hit, so please SLOW DOWN!!

I would also advise that you do not park your car on the street with the construction traffic, we would hate for your car to get hit. Please make sure that you are locking all car doors and do not leave valuables on the seats. Don’t  allow yourself or your family to be an easy target for vandalism.

Lastly, I would like to Thank the Social Committee for making and delivering the Welcome baskets to our new neighbors. It is very helpful to them and makes them feel welcome! I also appreciate it because I am able to capture their information to include them in on Bella Terra Happenings. I will be making flyers and placing 1 in every mailbox next week. We are still missing many names, home addresses, and email addresses from the master list. So disregard this flyer (after you note the hard work that went into it– 😉  if you are receiving emails from us!

If you are new to the neighborhood and have not received a welcome basket please send your address to Leigh Ann Errico (  The Social Committee wants to make sure that you are welcomed to the neighborhood!

Work Party this Saturday

Saturday July 20th  8am-11am

To Do List:

  • Weed flower beds at club house.
  • Sand/Stain door from pool deck to clubhouse
  • Clean inside light fixtures inside of clubhouse
  • Replace the rest of the pool deck lights with CFL bulbs
  • Clean up gravel and rocks from club house parking lot.
  • Pull out weeds and grass in the mulch around the playground area.
  • Pull weeds at both entrances.
  • Clean fountains at entrances.
  • Fix the rocks on the east side of east fountain (run over again)
  • Pickup Trash along Waterloo and behind the white fence
  • Remove Dead Trees and cleanup corner of Rivanna and Bella Terra Way
  • Make cover for utility access in ground outside southern pool fence


Hope you are all staying cool and remember to make sure you are only watering on appropriate days if you don’t have a well in your yard.

Next Liaison Meeting is the 3rd week in August.

Have a Great Day!!