From the Board to Bella Terra Residents

The HOA board would like to first thank all the residents. There are a handful of residents that help the board behind the scenes and we are appreciative. There is no way we could do our job without your help!

We just concluded the annual meeting on September 17, 2017. The meeting covered a few updates on the financials, the need for committee members, what we see going forward, and the fine schedule vote after a QA.

Next Meeting:
Due to lack of quorum, we will be holding another meeting October 13th at 5 – 6:30 pm at our Pool House. The reason for the meeting will be two-fold. We have two board member seats up for election and the lack of quorum for the Sept vote.

Board Member Positions:
October will start the first phase of board staggering. As you recall the goal was to stagger positions to ease transitioning and prevent loose ends. The terms are 2 years, so please reach out if you are interested. We need the assistance ASAP.

Notice: Matt Wade will be stepping down as Treasurer. The board wants to thank him for all he has done as the former President and as current Treasurer. Matt the board and the residents thank you for your service!

Notice: Justin McCarty will be stepping down as Secretary. The board wants to thank him for all he has done as Secretary and all the behind the scenes work! Justin the board and residents thank you for your service!

As these two valuable board members step down, we are pleased to announce they will be active on committees! This will help our neighborhood be more efficient through work delegation and committee empowerment. Thank you and all committee members for making Bella Terra great.

Committee Members: We need to fill committees ASAP!!!!

Pool: filled

Social: Need a volunteer to head the social committee members.

DRC: filled

Landscape Committee: Need volunteers – contact Grey Aldridge in interested.

Road: filled

Website and Communications: filled

Legal Advisors: filled

Our goal is to have all of these committees filled by end of the year going into 2018. We plan on having an org chart posted online with who heads the committee and contact info.

Fine Schedule vote:
To date the schedule is not approved due to lack of quorum at the September meeting. The vote results did show an overwhelming approval ratio! It was 90% for yes to approve and adopt! Since we did not have quorum we will be having another vote and meeting Friday October 13th 5 – 6:30 pm. It will be a come and go style meeting. It will be at the neighborhood pool house. All previous votes and proxies will count towards this vote. If the new quorum number is met and the votes are 2/3 yes off the new quorum requirement, this schedule will approve. For those that voted already and if you have time please come down and sign in. We could still use your help achieving quorum. The board thanks all the residents for the feedback at the meeting. There were good questions asked and we always encourage feedback!

Overall we are in ok-shape financially, but we are getting a further behind on our outstanding. At the end of August, we show over $54K in outstanding. Some homes already have liens and others are about to have a lien assessed. The board wants to stress for those that have liens and not paying, we will be meeting with lawyers this fall on foreclose options.

For complete financials go to our web page at

HOA meetings:
In the last few years, the lack of participation in the homeowner’s meetings has slowed considerably. We understand that a lot of members have life obligations such as kid sports, jobs, special events, etc. The board has the same obligations in their homes as well, so we understand, but the lack of participation is stalling progress and process. All the meetings and votes take a considerable amount of time to put together. This time eats into time that could be better suited for running the neighborhood day to day. Please do your part if you can’t make a meeting or a vote, to designate a proxy. All proxies can be submitted to a board member. In the proxy make sure to designate who is voting for your household and ensure they vote.

We still have a lot of people that drive too fast in the neighborhood. The Speed Limit is 17 mph!

Please be careful and slow down!

Bella Terra HOA Board

Bella Terra Agenda Proxy 17 to be edited

BT Board to Neighborhood Fall 2017

September 17 HOA vote


Bella Terra HOA Meeting this Sunday @ 3PM

Just a reminder that our HOA meeting is scheduled for this Sunday, September 17, 2017, 3pm at the Elks lodge off Waterloo.  Plan to give a general neighborhood update, field any questions, and vote.

Remember to turn your proxies in if you can’t make the meeting and want your vote to count.  Also, reach out to a board member if you have any questions and or comments.

All the board member information can be found on or our webpage.


Bella Terra HOA Meeting Saturday September 17th

Bella Terra will be having the annual HOA meeting September 17 at 3pm. We have reserved the Elks lodge off Waterloo. You all should be getting a letter soon. So far the fine schedule has been well received with only a few questions. Reminder that you can reach out to any board member and the contact information is on There you can also find the CCr/bylaws for download.

As the roads have been complete and some new construction starts, we all need to be diligent in watching contractors unload and load heavy equipment. Especially by the builders lots. If you see anything especially damage please photo the contractor and message a board member asap. Damage can happen very quickly.


Thanks HOA

Road Update

Armor is currently doing repairs on a few spots this morning and will start with crack sealing and seal coating the edges of the streets today. The process will have them running their equipment along the edges, where the asphalt meets the concrete curb and gutter. They will not do the area in front of driveways, so everyone should have full access to their homes today.
If they can get the edges done today, they will start seal coating tomorrow morning. At this point, their plan would be to start with the cul-de-sacs and a few small cross streets (Manzori Pass, Terazza Crossing – North) first and then work their way through the neighborhood.
I would encourage everyone to try and run their sprinklers overnight, that way the road is dry when they are working.
I will continue to provide more detailed updates as they come in.


Armor will be in the neighborhood over the next week or so doing some repair work on our roads and starting the seal coat. The repairs should not cause any issues with traffic flow or access to homes. However, the seal coating is another story.
The seal coat will be applied to every street in Bella Terra and will cause a complete shut down of that road for a minimum of 12 hours. As a reminder, the seal coat is a sticky black substance that can not be driven on or walked on until it is completely dry. If the seal coat gets on your tires it will stick to your car and your driveway.
I will be getting a map of the planned street closures hopefully this afternoon.
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE ROADS ARE DRY WHEN THE SEAL COAT IS APPLIED. Therefore, please turn off all sprinklers that hit the road this evening. You can turn them on or run them once I have the schedule and you know when your street will be done.
If you have neighbors that are not on Facebook or NextDoor, please contact them and let them know what is about to happen.
Thanks for your understanding and patience. Let me know if you have any questions.