Road Work Update

As you may have noticed, they have begun milling the edges of Meritage and Sedonia Circle today. Armor expects that starting Wednesday they will begin with the repair/replacement of a large section along Rivanna. Addresses 2494, 2524, 2554 and 2527 Rivanna Way will be without access to their driveways for 2-3 days. I realize this is short notice, but the plan is fluid based on weather and other contractors availability.

Also, beginning Wednesday at 9 am the homes on Sedonia will not have ingress or egress to their driveways as they begin the overlay process. They expect you to be able to access your drives after 5 pm on Wednesday.

I will post a map with the planned phases later tonight or in the morning when Armor gets it to me.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience. If you have questions please direct them to me. Armor has requested to have a single contact point with the HOA.

The overall timeframe is 4-6 weeks total.

Thank you all.


UPDATE 4:30 5/17

Due to the weather and some other issues outside of our control, Armor is not going to start the replace/repair or the overlay on either Rivanna or Sedonia tomorrow as planned. It now looks like they will begin that project the first of next week. So, you will all have full access to your driveways tomorrow.


Pool Status

Pool company came out and put some chemicals to clear up the “cloudiness.”  They said it should be ready to go tomorrow (Sunday the 1st).  Also, if you haven’t been down this year, you’ll notice a new door lock to the immediate left of the front door.  The old lock on the door no longer works so you should not need to do anything with it.  You’ll enter the same code that was used last year to open the door.  To exit the clubhouse, you’ll need to push the “Exit” button on the wall and open the door at the same time.  The door will lock automatically once it closes.  The door to the pool has the same lock as last year which you’ll need to make sure is locked if you’re the last person at the pool.


Power Outages

Some of you may have noticed that there are frequent power outages occurring in the neighborhood.  In many cases, there are 4 or 5 per week.  If you are experiencing outages, then please contact OG&E at 272-9595 to get more attention to the issue.  The more complaints they receive, the sooner the problem will be resolved.


Trick or Treating on Halloween


Since we have many new neighbors celebrating their first Halloween in Bella Terra

we thought we would throw out this suggestion regarding Trick or Treating on Halloween Night.

Both children and adults are encouraged to cooperate in limiting the time of trick or treating from 5-8pm.

Households need indicate their willingness to welcome their neighbors by turning on their porch and exterior lights, and that youngsters only call on homes so lighted.

This makes for a safe and early activity on Halloween night (also a school night)

Please take great care when walking the streets of Bella Terra because you never know what witches, goblins or ghosts will be out and about.


Road Repairs

The paving company expects to be in the neighborhood either tomorrow or Friday to start marking and cutting sections of the roads to be repaired.  The latest delay is due to the heavy rains we just had as well as equipment repairs.  Hopefully this is the last delay and work gets underway this week.