HOA News for November & December 2017

From the Board to Bella Terra Residents

Nov/Dec 2017

Hello Bella Terra. Winter is upon us and the board is hard at work. First things first, the board wants to thank Nick Utley for helping with the entrances. Nick was able to trouble shoot and fix the broken coach light, as well as, label the power panel at the front! Also, special thanks to Erica Carr and the social committee for the fall festival. Great job everyone!

The HOA board has transitioned and we are pressing ahead. See update below.

Delinquent Member Dues and Assessments:

The board has been on a mission to clean up our outstanding balances and we are happy to report we have made significant progress in a very short amount of time. Upon review, it was found that aged balances were not carrying interest. This has been corrected and will be reflected in December Financials. Going forward our Neighborhood Services Company will be keeping a diligent eye on this to ensure accuracy.

In just a few short months we have managed to collect over half the outstanding balances. To give you an idea, the balance was showing $54,000 outstanding, and at this time we are estimating that total around $20,000!

We want to remind everyone that the HOA is a business and collections of funds are very important to prioritize projects that need to be done. For the few that are carrying a high balance, the board will be meeting with a collection attorney in the coming weeks to review options. Our goal is $0 for our aged owner balance. All financials can be found on bellaterrahoa.wordpress.com.


We still have a lot of people that drive to fast in the neighborhood. The Speed Limit is 17 mph! Please be careful and slow down! There are a lot of reports of tailgating to the board. To the handful of “wanna be” Nascar drivers….SLOW YOUR ROLL! If this continues we will look to add additional stop signs.

Other Projects that are being researched:

  • WIFI capability at the pool house. (Protected and secure guest network)
  • Sodding West side of pool house and adding drainage runoff chute.
  • Cleaning the drainage ditch between the playground and soccer fields. Minimize obstructions of flow. •
  • Refurbishing the bridge to the soccer field and minor support fix.
  • Adding rip rap to stabilize behind the pool house and drainage ditch. (Protect the wall from erosion)
  • Adding new soccer nets for the goals.
  • Redoing the entrance signs to include LED backlighting that changes colors by command. (Christmas colors, bedlam colors, spring colors etc)
  • Adding additional power outlets at the entrances. Would allow us the ability to plug Christmas lights in etc.
  • Redoing the entrance landscaping. Possibly adding fescue in parts of the entrances that receive poor sunlight.
  • Signs when pulling out of the neighborhood for upcoming events. (Fall Festival, HOA meeting etc.)
  • Expanding the NextDoor app capabilities or designing a new web page to allow for online polling etc..

The above list is not all we are doing but the vast majority. IF you have an idea or want to help. Reach out to a board member and let us know. We like to hear from you all. All of our emails can be found on NSC and the Bella Terra website. Have a safe and happy holiday season!


Bella Terra HOA Board


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