Armor will have Tedessa Turn open later today for travel. Please remember to avoid turning your wheels while at a complete stop. Otherwise, the weather has cooperated enough that travel on the new asphalt is allowable.


They plan to start tack coating Terra Vita around 730 am tomorrow morning. If you live on Terra Vita or any of the cul-de-sacs that feed off Terra Vita, please have your vehicles off the road before 7 am. You can park on Bella Sera, Rivanna or Tedessa Turn.


Armor has spoken with RDS about trash pick up as well. They will pick up the cans from the neighborhood as planned tomorrow, with the exception of Terra Vita and the cul-de-sacs attached thereto. Those trash cans will be picked up on Friday.


Armor will have Terra Vita’s top coat applied tomorrow and they would prefer that we stay off it until either late tomorrow or Friday. I will get clarification from them and let everyone know.


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