Plan for Wednesday July 6, 2016

The concrete contractor plans to start preparing the intersection of Bella Terra Way and Rivanna in the morning. 

Armor will begin laying the final layer of asphalt on Rivanna, east of Bella Terra Way first thing in the morning. This should only impact Roger M Coil as the rest of Rivanna in that area is done. 

They will move to the north section of Bella Terra Way around 9 am. If you live between Rivanna and Veneterra on Bella Terra Way please be out of your driveway by 830ish tomorrow morning. 

Armor hopes to then move over and finish the last section of Rivanna between Bella Terra Way and Terra Vita sometime around lunch. If you live in this area please plan on being out by noon tomorrow. 

If all goes well, they will lay the first layer of asphalt on Vaquero tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning. I will let you know more details on that as they unfold. 

Armor would like to do the overlay on the cul-de-sacs in Phase 1 on Friday or Saturday depending on how things progress. 

In a perfect scenario, they will have access to asphalt over the weekend and will be able to finish Bella Terra Way, Tedessa and Terra Vita as early as Monday of next week. 

I will keep you posted.


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