Armor will have Tedessa Turn open later today for travel. Please remember to avoid turning your wheels while at a complete stop. Otherwise, the weather has cooperated enough that travel on the new asphalt is allowable.


They plan to start tack coating Terra Vita around 730 am tomorrow morning. If you live on Terra Vita or any of the cul-de-sacs that feed off Terra Vita, please have your vehicles off the road before 7 am. You can park on Bella Sera, Rivanna or Tedessa Turn.


Armor has spoken with RDS about trash pick up as well. They will pick up the cans from the neighborhood as planned tomorrow, with the exception of Terra Vita and the cul-de-sacs attached thereto. Those trash cans will be picked up on Friday.


Armor will have Terra Vita’s top coat applied tomorrow and they would prefer that we stay off it until either late tomorrow or Friday. I will get clarification from them and let everyone know.



Armor was able to get Bella Sera and Ella Court paved today. For the most part, they ask that you remain off these roads for the rest of today. You can park on Terra Vita this evening.


They will start paving Vaquero tomorrow morning at 730 am. Please have your vehicles out of this area no later than 7 am. They will start with Bella Terra Way when they are finished with Vaquero. So, to be safe please have your vehicles off Bella Terra Way by 7 am as well.


In the morning, those affected on Vaquero and BTW can park on Rivanna, Bella Serra or Bella Terra Way, either from Estancia to the front entrance or Rivanna to Veneterra.


When you get home tomorrow, the Vaquero and BTW folks can again park on Bella Sera, Rivanna and BTW, either from Estancia to the front entrance or Rivanna to Veneterra.


If the weather remains mild tomorrow there is a possibility that Armor will open Vaquero and BTW to homeowners only traffic, but they want to see how the asphalt does before making that decision.


Please note, the intersection of Rivanna/BTW will remain closed for today and tomorrow to allow the concrete to harden up. On Wednesday they might be able to open the intersection to vehicle travel, but will ask that large trucks and heavy equipment stay off.

Plan for Monday July 11

Obviously Friday’s rain put a halt to the work. So, Armor plans to pick up tomorrow where they had planned to start Friday.

They are going to start by repairing the patch on Terra Vita around 7 am. If you live north of the patch you will be able to use Bella Sera to Bella Terra Way to get out. 

After that, they will move on to the overlay in The cul-de-sac by the pool. 

Hopefully around 830ish they will start on Bella Sera, including the cul-de-sac. 

Concrete should also be poured at the Rivanna /Bella Terra Way intersection tomorrow. 

If all goes as planned, they will put the final layer on Vaquero and Bella Terra Way on Tuesday. Wednesday they should start on Tedessa Turn.

Plan for Wednesday July 6, 2016

The concrete contractor plans to start preparing the intersection of Bella Terra Way and Rivanna in the morning. 

Armor will begin laying the final layer of asphalt on Rivanna, east of Bella Terra Way first thing in the morning. This should only impact Roger M Coil as the rest of Rivanna in that area is done. 

They will move to the north section of Bella Terra Way around 9 am. If you live between Rivanna and Veneterra on Bella Terra Way please be out of your driveway by 830ish tomorrow morning. 

Armor hopes to then move over and finish the last section of Rivanna between Bella Terra Way and Terra Vita sometime around lunch. If you live in this area please plan on being out by noon tomorrow. 

If all goes well, they will lay the first layer of asphalt on Vaquero tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning. I will let you know more details on that as they unfold. 

Armor would like to do the overlay on the cul-de-sacs in Phase 1 on Friday or Saturday depending on how things progress. 

In a perfect scenario, they will have access to asphalt over the weekend and will be able to finish Bella Terra Way, Tedessa and Terra Vita as early as Monday of next week. 

I will keep you posted.