UPDATE 6.29.16

There is a threat of rain later in the week and Armor would like to do whatever they can to avoid any disruption to the progress they have made. So, they are going to try and get the first layer of asphalt on Bella Terra Way, Rivanna and Tedessa Turn. Attached are two more maps that show their plan for tomorrow (Thursday 6.30.16).

On Thursday morning they will try and get Rivanna paved. There will be limited access along Bella Terra Way. Veneterra will be open so that folks from Phase 2 can get out of the neighborhood via Veneterra and Tedessa Turn.

On Thursday afternoon the will start Tedessa Turn and the north part of Terra Vita. You will not be able to access this area for several hours. Phase 2 folks can get out via Rivanna.

The maps show “No Parking” zones. You can use these roads to enter and exit the neighborhood, but please don’t park there.

If you live on Rivanna (in red) please be out of your driveways before 8 am tomorrow morning.

I’m sure this is clear as mud!!!

6.30.16 6.30.16(2)


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