UPDATE PLAN (June 28, 2016)

I have attached 3 pictures that tentatively lay out Armor’s plans for Tuesday-Thursday of this week. We are entering the portion of the project that will start removing more road at a single time. Therefore, travel and parking will be limited. 
They will start placing the first layer of asphalt on Bella Serra. They will also start the removal process on Bella Terra Way. The photo shows the ideal places to park if you live on those streets. Please try and park along one side of the road. 
They will start placing the first layer of asphalt on the northern stretch of Bella Terra Way and also continue the removal for the rest of the street. 
Veneterra Way that was concreted will open to resident traffic ONLY. We want to keep the trash trucks and lawn service vehicles off the concrete for another week. There will be cones blocking the entrances to this area. So, you will need to move them and replace them when you have passed by. 
They will put down the final layer on Bella Serra. The street will be closed to all traffic for 24 hrs thereafter. Likely also at that time they will start on a few cul-de-sacs. 
Obviously, this is a plan and things could change. If you live on a street that is being closed, please plan to have your cars out of that area as early as possible.


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