Despite my lack of updates this weekend, work on the roads will continue to progress. I spoke with Armor this morning and the plan for the week is to try and get as much removal of the damaged sections completed and the sub-base added. So, they are bringing in rock to finish off Veneterra (East side), Rivanna and Bella Terra Way. The hope is that those sections are rocked today, in case we get any rain.

Armor would like for the removal sub-contractor to work all week and thru the weekend. This would hopefully ensure that all the removal work is done and they could follow behind with rock.

The weather looks really good after today for laying asphalt as well. When they are not rocking in or working to remove, they will try and do patches and overlay as well.

Finally, they plan to start the removal of Veneterra (west side) tomorrow. Along with removing the asphalt, they will be adding in a drainage pipe for the “natural spring” that has caused so many problems. However, the real disruption comes when they start the process of replacing the road with concrete. So, those homes on the western stretch of Veneterra should expect to lose access to their driveways for several days and possibly up to a week. Once they know more of how they timing of that will go, I will let you all know.

I should have a “Plan Map” later today.


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