I met with Armor this morning and east Veneterra is going to need the drying compound in order for us to proceed. So, they will apply the compound Thursday morning around 630 am. Please be out of that area before that time. You will have full access all day today. You will have access tomorrow afternoon once the compound sets. Armor will begin rocking the area on Friday morning. Worse case scenario they don’t pave until Monday. 

The west section of Veneterra will be milled today as well. Shouldn’t limit access except while they are working temporarily. 

The pipe will be added on Vellano and some milling will begin there as well. 

As I was out this morning I had the opportunity to see our neighborhood just as most of our sprinklers were ending their cycle. Folks, we are watering entirely too long (I am guilty too). The nature of our area is such that the ground can only absorb so much water. I observed yards that had water draining down and onto the street well after the sprinkler had ended. So, if you have a zone watering for 10 minutes cut it back to 5. We all need to cut back on the amount of water we are adding to the streets. 

Thanks everyone.


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