UPDATE (JUNE 2, 2016)

I just heard from Armor and they have adjusted the plan slightly due to the weather.
Beginning at 7 am on Friday, June 3rd (tomorrow) they will begin tearing out the approximately 4,200 sq ft of Rivanna Way between Manzorri Pass and Meritage. This will directly impact the following: Dan Sharon Plemons; Chip Greene and Lacy Greene; Katie Zivko Lindley and Michael Lindley and Sheila L. Holmes. They anticipate they will have it paved and open for cars by 6 pm on Friday evening. PLEASE HAVE YOUR VEHICLES OUT OF YOUR DRIVEWAY BEFORE 7 AM OR YOU WILL BE STUCK AT HOME!!!
They will then move to the approximately 4,000 sq ft area on Terraza Crossing just south of Veneterra View on Friday afternoon. However, this area will be closed to traffic until around 3 pm on Saturday when they get it paved. The Brantley’s and Mary Snyder families will not have access to their driveways on Friday and part of Saturday.
Finally, if the asphalt plant is producing on Sunday they will begin to tear out the Eastern portion of Veneterra View on Saturday afternoon. It will be closed to traffic until Sunday evening. This will directly impact the following homes: Brian McKay and Lacey Gille McKay; Jan Shiever and Mitch Shiever; Jeff Latta and Minka Latta; Leigh Ann Errico; Desiree Good and Jamie Griffin.
For what its worth, the next 15 days (after Friday) look clear and warm. Which means they will likely try and move as fast as they can to get as much work done as possible. So, be prepared next week for more interruptions to our lives!!!!

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