UPDATE 6.29.16

There is a threat of rain later in the week and Armor would like to do whatever they can to avoid any disruption to the progress they have made. So, they are going to try and get the first layer of asphalt on Bella Terra Way, Rivanna and Tedessa Turn. Attached are two more maps that show their plan for tomorrow (Thursday 6.30.16).

On Thursday morning they will try and get Rivanna paved. There will be limited access along Bella Terra Way. Veneterra will be open so that folks from Phase 2 can get out of the neighborhood via Veneterra and Tedessa Turn.

On Thursday afternoon the will start Tedessa Turn and the north part of Terra Vita. You will not be able to access this area for several hours. Phase 2 folks can get out via Rivanna.

The maps show “No Parking” zones. You can use these roads to enter and exit the neighborhood, but please don’t park there.

If you live on Rivanna (in red) please be out of your driveways before 8 am tomorrow morning.

I’m sure this is clear as mud!!!

6.30.16 6.30.16(2)


UPDATE PLAN (June 28, 2016)

I have attached 3 pictures that tentatively lay out Armor’s plans for Tuesday-Thursday of this week. We are entering the portion of the project that will start removing more road at a single time. Therefore, travel and parking will be limited. 
They will start placing the first layer of asphalt on Bella Serra. They will also start the removal process on Bella Terra Way. The photo shows the ideal places to park if you live on those streets. Please try and park along one side of the road. 
They will start placing the first layer of asphalt on the northern stretch of Bella Terra Way and also continue the removal for the rest of the street. 
Veneterra Way that was concreted will open to resident traffic ONLY. We want to keep the trash trucks and lawn service vehicles off the concrete for another week. There will be cones blocking the entrances to this area. So, you will need to move them and replace them when you have passed by. 
They will put down the final layer on Bella Serra. The street will be closed to all traffic for 24 hrs thereafter. Likely also at that time they will start on a few cul-de-sacs. 
Obviously, this is a plan and things could change. If you live on a street that is being closed, please plan to have your cars out of that area as early as possible.


Monday: We’re going to tear out the other half of Bella Serra and rock it. 
Probably tear out those two sections of concrete at the Bella Terra/Veneterra culdesac and prepare them.  
Final grade Rivanna and north Bella Terra way 
Tuesday: east half of Veneterra concrete should be open. 
Begin milling vaquero. 
Pour concrete on intersection of Veneterra and BTW
I think we could pave the first layer of Rivanna. 
Wednesday: all of Veneterra should be open.  
Base vaquero and begin milling Bella Terra way.
Thursday: continue to tear out Bella Terra way, potentially begin basing Bella Terra
Friday: base and grade Bella Terra. 
Obviously much of this depends on the rain.

UPDATED PLAN (Wednesday June 22)

Armor has provided the following updated plan for the remainder of this week:
“My crew will pave the rest of Veneterra tomorrow. We will also finish grading the concrete portion early tomorrow and rebar will be placed tomorrow/Thursday. The contractor is going to try to pour all of the concrete on Friday.
The tear out sub will be basing Tedessa turn, Bella Terra, and Terra Vita patches tomorrow and will begin additional milling Thursday or maybe late Wednesday.
Thursday and Friday, my crew will mill some edges and probably pave a few of the culdesacs that are overlays.
There’s going to be a lot going on from now on.”
If I get additional information I will pass it along.


I heard from Armor and they have contracted with another sub to help install the new rock sub-base in the areas that are being removed/replaced. Therefore, it is very likely that the tear out and removal portion will start to pick up speed this week. As one contractor removes the old asphalt, the next contractor will follow up with the sub-base. This will allow Armor to stay focused on the paving side of things and be able to stay up to speed.

It also means that those of you that have not had any disruption are about to get your fair share of it. Armor would like to have the job completed by a week from this Friday.

Please be aware of the equipment coming and going and remain patient as you encounter some disturbance to your everyday routine.


Armor plans to finish paving Vellano and Terazza Crossing tomorrow. 
They need to assess the areas that were already torn out to determine what work needs to be done to fix any issues caused by the rain. 
They hope to start putting in base on Veneterra on Thursday and begin the concrete installation thereafter. 
Obviously, plans are fluid based on what they see tomorrow and how fast the roads dry out. 
I will keep you posted.


Armor plans on paving Vellano from Meritage to Terraza Crossing starting at 8 am tomorrow morning. You will need to be out of your driveways before they begin. You can park on Meritage, Manzori and Terazza. 

They also plan to start installing the rock on Veneterra with the hopes of beginning concrete there on Monday.