HOA Election Results


Item 1 (Board Retention) – passes with a vote of 124-8

Item 2 (Special Assessment) – passes with a vote of 126-6

Item 3 – Option 1 is chosen with a vote of 111-15

You will receive a Notice of Special Assessment letter in the coming days with instructions on payment of the 2016 installment.

Road repairs will begin within the next month with weather conditions being the main factor.

The Board is meeting with the asphalt company to discuss logistics of the repairs (i.e. where they will start, repair times, etc.) and will notify everyone of the plan in advance.

Please note, the repairs will be inconvenient for everyone in the neighborhood and we would ask that we all have patience and understanding during this very necessary and important process. It is likely that homeowners will have limited to no access to their driveways for a few days and we would ask that neighbors be understanding of parked cars in the street.

More information will be coming as the Board nails down the logistics.

The Board would like to thank the members of the road committee for lending their time and expertise to help guide us all through this project. I’d like to thank the other Board members for their help and dedication to getting this right. Finally, we want to thank all of you for being passionate about your neighborhood, for participating in the process and for having faith in the Board.


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