Special Assessment Notice and Vote

A vote for the home owner assessment  for road repairs is scheduled for Sunday December 13th from 1 to 7 pm at the Bella Terra pool house.  Each home owner should be receiving a written notice in the mail in the next day or two with a description of each option to vote on.  Proxies will also be sent for those that cannot attend the vote.

6 thoughts on “Special Assessment Notice and Vote

  1. please advise how as an owner i may gain access to financial reports of the HOA, We have been residents since 10/01/2014 @ 2339 Vellano Lane.

  2. It was my understanding from reading the last HOA meeting notes that the residents were going to given the opportunity to vote upon 4 options- concrete, asphalt, staged repairs, no repairs. Now we are presented with a letter dropped in our mailbox a week prior to the vote on only one option, without the transparency of the financial details or competitive bid review. What is the amortization schedule and interest rate with the chosen bank? What other financial institutions were consulted and what were their proposals? Where may the competitive bids for the various repair options be reviewed? Why has a tentative agreement been made with a contractor prior to the vote? Why after nearly a year of this board being in place is this vote and contract being rushed through? I propose that this vote be rescheduled in order to allow the residents the ability to review the bids, financing details, and a subsequent vote, among all the possible options, be scheduled after the holidays.

    Given the amount of expense involved to each of the homeowners in the neighborhood, I do not believe it is appropriate for the 5 members of the board to make the decision that only one repair option should be voted upon.

    Additionally, per the prior meeting notes, contractor agreed road repairs were to begin prior to Thanksgiving. That does not appear to have happened. Has that agreement fallen through?

  3. The HOA (Wade) will be available this Tuesday for discussion? Did I miss an email?
    Anyways…I agree with what “Anonymous” wrote. A more detailed explanation is required. For example, if the estimated cost for concrete is now $1,570,00.00, why is the Assessment per homeowner still at $12,000.00? And, why would our dues go up if we pay the full amount or the installments?

    • Yes, Matt has agreed to meet at the clubhouse on Tuesday for questions. I just confirmed with him that he’s planning on being there. It’s an informal meeting that just came up because of all the questions.

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