November 2015 Financials Posted

The financial statement for November 2015 is posted on the Financial Statements page.  Remember, this page is password protected and any information listed should be considered private and confidential.


Vote Cancelled

Due to numerous questions that have arisen concerning the Road Assessment, the Board as agreed to delay the vote previously scheduled for December 13th. It is was never our desire to limit the options for improvements and we proceeded on the belief that we were providing the best recommendation at that time. Board members will be available on Tuesday night at 7 pm at the pool house to discuss all the potential road improvement options and how best to present them for a vote.

If you cannot attend this meeting, please contact a Board member with any questions or concerns that you’d like addressed or answered.

Special Assessment Notice and Vote

A vote for the home owner assessment  for road repairs is scheduled for Sunday December 13th from 1 to 7 pm at the Bella Terra pool house.  Each home owner should be receiving a written notice in the mail in the next day or two with a description of each option to vote on.  Proxies will also be sent for those that cannot attend the vote.