I wanted to give everyone a quick update on how things are progressing now that we have an elected Board.  Attached to this post are the minutes of the first Board Meeting, which was conducted on June 17, 2014.  As you can see we are in the very beginning stages of taking control of our neighborhood.

As we continue to move forward, we hope that you will see and appreciate the progress that is being made, albeit slow at times.  In order for the HOA to be “turned over” to us, we needed an official resignation letter from the developer.  I recieved that letter last week and Neighborhoods Services have begun making changes to its website and the other formal documents.  Hopefully, in the coming days we will have signatory authority on the bank account transferred as well.

Once the formal/procedural processes are taken care of, we can begin making changes to the more visable aspects of the neighborhood; including the pool, the fountains, etc.  Further, we are in the process of obtaining the financial data necessary to conduct a full audit of the books.

The Board is looking at available dates to have a full HOA Meeting, so that more discussion  can occur.  We ask for your patience as this process is underway.  Please continue to bring any issues or concerns that you might have to a member of the Board.  Our goal is to address these issue in a reasonable time frame.

Thanks Again……

Minutes of the Board – June 17_2014



Scheduling Events at Clubhouse, Pool, & Soccer Field

I think many of you are already aware of this, but there’s a lot of new neighbors that are probably not.  If you would like schedule a meeting or event for the clubhouse, pool, and/or soccer field, then check the following page for availability.


If you would like to schedule something, then email me (mckaybm@gmail.com) with the dates and times and I’ll get the calendar updated.

Also remember that “reserving” the place(s) above doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily have them to yourself.  Since we all pay HOA dues to have access to those areas, we can’t limit the times that they’re available for people for private parties.  As far as I’m aware, there’s never been an issue with this since, generally, people will see that you’re about to have a party or meeting and will come back later.

Brian McKay

HOA Election Results

From Matthew Wade:

I wanted to give everyone an update on the results of yesterday’s historic election. I received verified voting results from Neighborhoods Services this afternoon. Bella Terra has, in total, 182 lots, including those owned by the developer and homebuilders. In order to verify the election, a quorum of 51% of the homeowners was required. We secured 102 attendants and therefore reached our quorum at approximately 56% of the total lots. Please note, this number includes approximately 20+ lots owned by the developer. The developer proxyed his votes to me. However, I used his proxy only to ensure a quorum was reached, but did not use his votes. The decision was made not to use his votes so there would not be any appearance of swaying the election one way or another.

Thank you all for your efforts and attendance. The results of the votes (Nominee and Total Votes Received) are as follows:

Matthew Wade – 74
Mark Galliart – 70
David Johnson – 49
Justin McCarty – 46
Troy Jordan – 30
Dan West – 26
Paul Jones – 3

The top four vote getters are the elected Board Members according to the CCR’s.

The Board will schedule an initial meeting to get organized, followed by a meeting of all homeowners. Hopefully, these will take place in the very near future. From there, we will begin working towards the progress that we all have hoped to see. Please have patience as this transition takes place.

I appreciate all the Nominees and I am sure the Board will call upon each of yo to lend a hand and help us make Bella Terra the best neighborhood in Logan County.

Thank You!!!


Matthew Wade

Pool Status

Pool company came out and put some chemicals to clear up the “cloudiness.”  They said it should be ready to go tomorrow (Sunday the 1st).  Also, if you haven’t been down this year, you’ll notice a new door lock to the immediate left of the front door.  The old lock on the door no longer works so you should not need to do anything with it.  You’ll enter the same code that was used last year to open the door.  To exit the clubhouse, you’ll need to push the “Exit” button on the wall and open the door at the same time.  The door will lock automatically once it closes.  The door to the pool has the same lock as last year which you’ll need to make sure is locked if you’re the last person at the pool.