February 2014 Financials Posted

The financial statement for February 2014 is posted on the Home Owners page.  Remember, this page is password protected and any information listed should be considered private and confidential.


3 thoughts on “February 2014 Financials Posted

  1. I am also curious as to $200 to David Price for cleaning club house. Is that for one cleaning? That’s very steep if so. Also, What did Service Master do that the HOA is responsible for covering?

    • I cannot answer your question Anonymous, but … If you look at the financials EVERY month, there are charges for pool cleanings, David Price and Service Master. There are also monthly charges in excess of $1K for mowing. It is my belief that the Liaison has no control over any spending bur simply acts as a middleman between us and the developers. My biggest surprise is that so very few residents simply do not care or do not know, I have asked question several times and what I can piece together is we as residents cannot do much of anything until we take control and we should have done that LONG ago. I have lived here 3 years and tried to get involved 3 different times and ALL 3 times was treated with distain and otherwise ignored … maybe I have body odor, I’m not sure but I have literally never been treated as rudely. I have been on HOA’s in other developments but now would never sit on Bella Terra’s.

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