October 2013 Financials Posted

The financial statement for October 2013 is posted on the Home Owners page.  Remember, this page is password protected and any information listed should be considered private and confidential.


Power Outages

Some of you may have noticed that there are frequent power outages occurring in the neighborhood.  In many cases, there are 4 or 5 per week.  If you are experiencing outages, then please contact OG&E at 272-9595 to get more attention to the issue.  The more complaints they receive, the sooner the problem will be resolved.


Project 66 Food Pantry


Hi Neighbors, Its that time of year again…..

Project 66 Food Pantry, a local nonprofit organization serving those in need right

here in the Edmond area, is once again preparing Thanksgiving food baskets.

Over 250 baskets will be distributed to warm the hearts and fill the stomachs of

families in need in our community. Last year Bella Terra helped with this project

in a big way by donating food items to help fill the baskets.

Lets do it again!

The items needed to create the baskets are as follows:

Boxes of Stuffing

Canned Green Beans

Canned Corn

Canned Sweet Potatoes

Canned Gravy

Canned Cranberry Sauce

Bags of Potatoes (5lb)

If you’re inclined to donate, please place any of the above items in the bag

provided by Sprouts grocery store and place the bag on your doorstep by 2pm

on November 10th. The Sprouts bag will be delivered to your front porch today.

The items you donate will be picked up from your door step by 2pm on Sunday

November 10th and directly donated to Project 66 on the behalf of Bella Terra. If

you are in need of an individual receipt for your donation please send an e-mail

to Heather0249@gmail.com and Project 66 will be happy to supply you one.

On the behalf of Project 66, Thank you for your help!