Liaison Committee Update – October 4, 2013

Some of this information was communicated on the Bella Terra Facebook Page and other posts, but I thought I would consolidate the information into a single post.

Road Repairs

Road repairs are currently scheduled for Monday October 14th by Howard Paving.  They have pushed back the start date several times now because of weather related hold-ups.  There’s not much the committee can do to get them out here other than keep the pressure up.  We’re on the list and they’ll get out here eventually.  We’re just going to have to continue to be patient.  Also, the repairs will be paid from the HOA account and will mainly focus on Bella Terra Way and Rivanna which is where most of the damage is.  That’s not to say those are the only roads with repairs, but those are the ones that will get most of the attention.

Permanent Road Repairs/Replacement

We’re in the process of getting estimates from paving companies to give us an idea of how much it will cost to correct our roads for the long term.  Once we get all the estimates in, then we’ll have an idea of what it will take to get the roads taken care of.  The committee is gathering this information to present to the neighborhood at the meeting described below.  We’re not making any decisions on what to do.  In fact, we don’t have the authority to.  We’re simply getting information together to know what options are available.

To get an idea of what we’ve heard, here’s information from one estimate:

For concrete, the cost will be $85K per linear 1,000 feet based on the width of our roads.

Asphalt is 10%-15% cheaper, but isn’t nearly as durable as concrete.

Work includes:

Mill all Existing Streets to subgrade /  Salvage all Millings

Remove 7″ of existing Sub Base Material

Place 4″ of Millings and compact to create barrier from Red Material / Expanding Soil

Place 5″ PC Concrete Pavement 3500psi

Drill all curbs and Place #4 Dowels at 30″ OC per ODOT Spec

Green Cut, Widen and Seal all Paving Joints

Install Necessary French Drain behind curbs to navigate water away from roadways

Road work would be done on half the road to still allow access

Next step will be for us to get the total feet of streets in Bella Terra.  It’s hard to say if this estimate is too high or low until we get more estimates in.

Neighborhood Meeting

We’re looking at getting a neighborhood meeting scheduling sometime in November or December.  Our plan is to present all the information we’ve gathered related to the topics above and give everyone a chance to ask questions and provide feedback.  We’re also looking for a place to hold the meeting that is large enough to accommodate everyone for a reasonable price.   We’ve received quotes from the Elk’s Lodge and Centennial Elementary which were between $350 and $400. That may be a reasonable amount for what we’re doing, but if anyone knows of a place (church, school, hotel, etc.) that can beat those prices, then we’d love to hear from you.

HOA Establishment

The primary goal of the liaison committee is to get control of the HOA.  Currently, the developer, Rocky Clark, is the president of the HOA and has all the authority.  We need to get control as soon as possible so we can get the ball rolling on all the things that we want to address.  Many of you have voiced concerns that once the HOA is handed over to the homeowners, then the developer is free of all of the neighborhood problems (roads, drainage, fountains, etc.).  We’ve taken legal advice from people inside and outside of Bella Terra to make sure that this will not happen.  The best approach is for us to work as a group as an HOA.  The Developer will not be any less liable once removed from the HOA.  The developer and builders only concern is to sell as many homes as possible as fast as possible and get out of Bella Terra.  For the last year, they haven’t had any problem doing so in spite of the road conditions.  It’s good that homes are selling quickly, but it’s also giving no incentive to the developer to improve the neighborhood.

Rocky has agreed to step down as president once we have a neighborhood meeting.  Once that meeting has concluded, then all HOA officers will be named and appointed.

Fall Festival

The Bella Terra fall festival will take place on Saturday, October 26th from 2-4PM.  Evites have been sent out by the social committee to everyone we have email addresses for.  It should be a lot of fun.  There will be a moon bounce, kids costume parade, games and prizes, face painting, music, pumpkin carving contest, food and wine.  There is no charge to attend.

Lastly, I would ask for more patience with the committee.  It may not seem like anything is happening, but there has been a lot of time spent by each of us during weekends and evenings getting this information together and meeting with contractors, developers, builders, etc.  There’s more activity now than there has been in years.  It’s going to be a slow process at times, but each of us want what is best for the neighborhood.

Thanks for your time,



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