Road Repairs Delayed…Again

Bella Terra road repairs are now scheduled to start on Oct 14 barring any weather delays.  Unfortunately, the delay is still with the Howard Paving, so there’s not much we can do until they are freed up.  We’ll let you know if we hear anything further.


3 thoughts on “Road Repairs Delayed…Again

  1. Brian, due to the issues that we are apparently having with Rocky Clark concerning the roads and discussion with neighbors whom are having concerns as well, can we not schedule some type of neighborhood meeting to discuss our options before we allow the roads to be repaired and then be turnd over to us. It is quite obvious that the roads are not up to the standard that they should be and we all do not feel that we need to have the burden as homeowners to take out a loan to correct if they are not correct when it is handed over.

    • Hi Peggy. We’re planning on getting everyone together as early as November. We don’t have a date in stone yet, but when we do, you’ll see it posted here and on FB. At this point, it doesn’t really matter if the HOA forms now or next year. The roads need to be repaired as soon as possible. In fact, they needed repairs early in the summer/late spring. If we waited for the developer to fix the roads before we took over the HOA, then he would never hand it over to us which only hurts us. The liaison committees main goal at this point is to gain control of the HOA so we can start getting things done that need to be done with the neighborhood. The developer and builders have little incentive to do anything at this point since they’re selling houses faster than they can build them regardless of the terrible road conditions.

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