Strange Noise Last Night from Southern Star Gas Pipeline

Some of you may have heard a strange noise last night between 10:30 and 11 PM.  Southern Star Natural Gas was purging their lines.  There’s also a lot of work going on by them at their facility on the SE corner of Air Depot and Waterloo.



Fall Festival Moved To Saturday November 2nd

Hello Neighbors!

Well we have been following the weather forecast for our area very intently and it is not looking favorable. We’ve even had a few vendors let us know that if it rains, they cannot set up equipment. So… rather than hope for the best, we are moving the festival to next Saturday, Nov 2nd. There is not an OU game, and the OSU game is an away game AND the weather forecast is sunny!

We sure hope this is not too much of an inconvenience and we hope the Sooner & Cowboy fans can now join in!

Bu sure and let your new neighbors know!

So save the date for

Saturday, Nov 2nd

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Trick or Treating on Halloween


Since we have many new neighbors celebrating their first Halloween in Bella Terra

we thought we would throw out this suggestion regarding Trick or Treating on Halloween Night.

Both children and adults are encouraged to cooperate in limiting the time of trick or treating from 5-8pm.

Households need indicate their willingness to welcome their neighbors by turning on their porch and exterior lights, and that youngsters only call on homes so lighted.

This makes for a safe and early activity on Halloween night (also a school night)

Please take great care when walking the streets of Bella Terra because you never know what witches, goblins or ghosts will be out and about.


Road Repairs

The paving company expects to be in the neighborhood either tomorrow or Friday to start marking and cutting sections of the roads to be repaired.  The latest delay is due to the heavy rains we just had as well as equipment repairs.  Hopefully this is the last delay and work gets underway this week.