Developer Meeting Notes

Good Morning Bella Terra Homeowners,

The Liaison Committee members met with Rocky (Bella Terra Developer) yesterday evening down at the clubhouse.

The goal of the meeting was to determine when he will hand over the HOA to the residents of Bella Terra.  In short, he is ready for us to take control as soon as a neighborhood meeting is scheduled.  The meeting will take place after the road repairs have been completed (currently scheduled for September 30th).

Rocky will work with Neighborhoods Plus (Bella Terra Management Company) to send out communication to all homeowners with the Date, Time and Place of the homeowner meeting.  Once the meeting has taken place, Rocky will appoint his replacement as president of the HOA and then resign his position.

As for the roads, the repairs taking place this month are all that are scheduled.  The top priority for the HOA will be to develop a plan for long term repairs to our roads.  Obviously, construction is taking a big toll on our roads, especially Bella Terra Way and Rivanna.  Rocky estimates that all remaining lots will be developed and sold by the end of next year (phase 2 complete by March 2014).

We expect the homeowner meeting to occur within the next couple of months and are happy to answer any questions we can at the meeting.

Thank You

Bella Terra Liaison Committee


2 thoughts on “Developer Meeting Notes

  1. I know everyone is frusrated by the roads being so bad but why are we allowing Rocky to take the easy way out. As the developer he needs to give us decent roads before he hands the development over to us. If Rocky has given a date of all contruction to be complete by the end of 2014 then why not wait until all is complete and have him do what he should be doing and that is giving us the type of roads we deserve for the type of neighborhood that we live in. Have him temporarily fix the worse areas but please don’t allow him to place the burden on us to fix.

  2. What obligation (s) does the developer have as far as the road issues and drainage issues ? Anyone know ? Once again I ask an attorney be consulted, we are all guessing here and I think all
    of us need to be prepared if Rocky bails out. We have gone from he will fix the roads once completed to the HOA needs to come up with a plan.
    If Rocky turns the HOA over to the residents, does that relieve him of any responsibility ?

    I know working on an HOA board is an ungrateful job, but I wish our questions would be answered for all residents so we know what is transpiring. I attempted 3 times to get involved but was “shut out” and will not attempt that again.

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