Pool Is Open!

At 12:30 pm today Jim met with Ron Miller and Darin Sage, reviewed Darin’s concerns, all concerns addressed and have been met.  Questions of ownership of pool addressed, owned by HOA any correspondence will be addressed to Neighborhood Services, when Darin has any questions concerning pool safety/operations he will call Ron Miller directly so concerns can be addressed more quickly.  Ron understands it is part of his contractual agreement to maintain pool, keeping it up to code and operational.  At any time the pool needs to be closed a sign will be posted and doors secured for limited access. For now the pool has/is and will be in compliance, will be closed and winterized after Labor Day weekend. All contracts concerning HOA that coming up for renewal will be reviewed by HOA.

Also, the pool will be closed for the season after Labor day weekend.


3 thoughts on “Pool Is Open!

  1. Who are Ron Miller and Darin Sage and is/was there a question of pool ownership ? What were Darin’s concerns ?
    I do not understand what this email is about.

    • Darin Sage is with the Logan County Health Department. He is the one who conducted the tests on the pool and found that it was not up to standards (chlorine levels too low). Ron Miller is who we have contracted to maintain the pool for the year. Going forward, Darin will contact Ron and the HOA if there is a problem. I think there was confusion from Darin and Ron about whether or not the pool was owned by Developer or the HOA. Can’t say for sure that’s what it was about since I wasn’t part of the conversation, but that would be my guess.


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